A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

It's been years since you've been back home. There's old faces here. New ones too. Where will your story lead?


Under the Bridge is a furry dating sim. Welcome to Bridge City, the shipping town where you were born and raised. You're only here for a summer, so you'll need to make the most of it.

You'll run into friends that you've grown up with. You'll see how they've changed, or how they haven't. Hear their stories, have an adventure, and maybe even fall in love!



  • Overworld / Minigames - Not your average Visual Novel! Explore and interact with the world. Meet strangers and play games like beer pong with characters.
  • Customizable Protagonist - Choose your look, pronouns, and name. Preferred pronouns and look do not limit choices or romance options - express yourself!
  • Branching Narrative - Game currently includes the first day, and parts of the second day. More will come as the game gets developed!
  • Original Music and Art  - All backgrounds, character art, and music has been made for Under the Bridge. Enjoy some fresh animated backgrounds accompanied by midwest emo, punk, and lofi musical stylings.



  • Creator - Joseph O.  Possum (Twitter)
  • Overworld Artist - Boroco (Twitter)
  • Music - Ash Bricky (Twitter)
  • Music (Party Sequence) - Micx
  • Music - Zav
  • Additional SFX - Marnus Strydom (contact)

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Install instructions

  1. Download .zip
  2. Extract contents of .zip anywhere
  3. Run executable inside of the extracted folder


UtB_mac_v6.2.app.zip 117 MB
UtB_android_v6.3.zip 132 MB
UtB_linux_v6.3.zip 117 MB
UtB_windows_v6.3.zip 115 MB

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can you date rebecca?

Yes, she is one of the romance options in the game!



And I was like waiting and waiting and WAITING since months ago. I waited for notification to be honest and I also follow the project. I thought it has a dead end, figures out you brang updates just Itch.io didn't show it in my feed. ;-;

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How can I play this on Linux?

I need to get that day Oliver day 3

Check the option in .sh file as “Allow this file to run as a program”, and then run it! Alternatively, you can run it through the Itchio Launcher app.

(I’m not a Linux user, I got these instructions from a friend :U )


This game was so So amazing,i cant wait to get more of this,this truly was a fun game So far

PS. Oliver is So handsome and cute, lovely 


Absolutely amazing so far! Wonderful art style, nice music, surprisingly relatable characters, and unique gameplay for a VN. The world feels real and I can't wait to see more. ^^

(And- Yes, Oliver is adorable.)


I've said it a million times on Twitter, but I really enjoy your VN. I know you're making a big update, but I'd love to be able to do the other story lines instead of having to start the game over.

My suggestion: Make new saves frequently. Whenever you think you're going to branch off into a new route, make a new save there and go back to the other one whenever you want to see what other decision would have led to.

I'm also bumping up the skip-text speed in this new build, so hopefully playing through the intro shouldn't take as long!


jesus god no

Deleted 26 days ago

here is a live stream where i talk in it and also show how to run it in linux with steam


i love the game. Here is my first gameplay of it. Keep up the good work also played it on mobile; I don't know if that one has been updated. If not, I'm looking forward to all the stuff that has been added in this version.

playing Under the Bridge while listening to Under The Bridge is pretty comedic :D


If it were in my power to add it to the soundtrack, I absolutely would!


I... I don't know what to say. As I first saw Clyde I knew immediately he's my type. Like a Bonnie and Clyde relationship, hmmm, the realisation suddenly hit when I write this it's not an "accident"

I just suddenly felt I'm alive by his side as the protagonist. It made me desire for that like of a life. Also his eye scar is so damn charming, also the way he's speaking... Reminds me of somebody I miss.


Bro this games awesome, it’s a shame that IOS isn’t updated anymore, I’ll have to get it on my laptop.


I saw a comment about some issues on iOS, should I play on pc instead. Love the game btw and can’t wait to continue with Oliver.

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Yes! The iOS version of the game is no longer being updated or supported, so please refer others to enjoy the versions of UtB on the itch.io store!


glad to know you’re not letting the restrictions get in the way of your creativity and freedom 😎 



I'm not good at socializing so. I like this game it's very wholesomely gay. Thank you for coming to my TED talk

Deleted 2 days ago

First off, this is good, secondly Oliver is really adorable (what animal is he, because I am guessing a mouse), and how do I do Clyde’s second day route, thanks

You can access Clyde’s second day content by leaving Rebecca’s shop and going north!

Oliver is a possum :)


♪ I don't ever wanna feel ♪
♪ Like I did that day ♪
♪ Take me to the place I love ♪
♪ Take me all the way ♪


Damn bruh you rapid firin with these updates,


I do not sleep!


thant game is so awesome i swear, Oliver so cute


Me: I want Rebecca to love me TnT
Game: Not yet bro sorry

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This is one hell of a VN.

It's has a simple story line that's easy to follow, and this VN is SFW, or atleast I think.

It's also kind of funny too.

Overall, simple, but still fun VN!


Glad you enjoy it so far!! It is indeed SFW and going to stay that way.


Alright. Here we go!

I already love this game so much! The artstyle is cute and I'm in love with the characters already. It's not like any other VN, even the mini-game was fun. You guys did a great job so far! Can't wait to see more in the future! TvT <333



Lamp is love

Lamp is life

Muito bom o jogo arte bem fofinha espero que continue^^


Now this is a high quality furry VN! The art style is cohesive, the minigames/overworld blends well, and the story so far has me hooked! I started out on iOS but I'll be continuing it on my PC. Sorry to hear about the App Store's restrictions. I'm excited to see where this game goes!


Glad you enjoyed it! The iOS stuff is unfortunate, but I'm glad you found your way to enjoy the rest of the game!

welp cant really say anything other then, Ilove this a ton ,can't wait to see what's in store for the story

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Made an account just to say I loved your story! I know the IOS version isn’t gonna be updated anymore which is sad but I’ll have to get it set up on my chrome book if you make any future updates! Keep up the great work and I look forward to anything new you make :)

Aww glad you enjoy it! The iOS situation is pretty unfortunate, but there's not much I can do about it sadly. Glad to see you're still finding a way to enjoy the game though!


This game is absolutely incredible, I really wish I could support the developers cuz I really want to see more. The artstyle, the music, the story, it's all so well done. And the fact that it's playable on android FOR FREE is just amazing


Got a problem with the latest update, it lags and it crashes randomly idk why.

Can you tell me more about your device (model, android version)? Does it crash around the same time each time? Is this during dialogue or during the overworld?

Vivo 1906, 11

It randomly crashes during the dialogue and the overworld.


I'm going to look into optimizing the game, but sadly, I think that your device might not have enough RAM to run Under the Bridge consistently.

I'll include a Low-Graphics options in future mobile builds which *may* help your situation, though I can't be certain. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm hoping this feature will be what you need.

Thank you


Rebecca is also my favorite so far, though I am interested if Cherry will be an option later on. The writing and art is amazing so I hope to see a lot more of this game in the future ^w^

Cherry is indeed an option for romance, and I'm currently working on getting her and Bonnie's day 2 content out! Glad you enjoyed it!!


I absolutely love the writing of the story! The entire time I played I was just so pulled into the characters and what was going on. Each character having their own issue is such a great way to make you much more curious and pull you into wanting to connect with them deeply. I can't wait for more to come! Also, Rebecca is definitely winning me right now :)

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I finally got around to playing this game and despite slice-of-life stories usually not being my favorite genre, I really fell in love with your work!

I was really impressed by the quality of the writing. You really breathed life into all of your characters and you introduced them in such a way as to make us intrigued and want to learn more about them. And the unique elements you are brewing into your VN from the technical side are really great. (Also the music is so relaxing and fitting!)

If I'm afforded one piece of constructive criticism, it's that so far I'm not feeling the MC, they seem to be a bit of a passive observer. I think it'd be great if they were a bit more of a presence in the conversations, because right now I feel other characters are talking around you or to you most of the time (rather than with you, if it makes sense).

Once again, can't wait to read more!


oliver is my favorite but are there specific choices or not ?

Hank no love interest???

Hank is indeed a love interest!! You’ll just need to stick around and wait to see more of his content get unlocked ;)

yeeey...can't wait 

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i tried the android version and i got 2 issues about it,1.) the dialgue movement seems to be lagging alot and when i did save it suddenly crash,i did tried again and i load the save file and few minutes later it crashed again

Can you tell me more about your device? What version Android are you running, and what's the model of your device?

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Android 7.1.1 ,CPH1723,Oppo F5

And just to confirm, you are running UtB_v0.2.2-hotfix1.apk, right? The hotfix solves a similar issue, though if you played before the hotfix, then the issue might carry over still.

Can you reach out to @JosephOPossum on Twitter or email josephopossum@gmail.com? I'd love to get more details so I can help you out further.

yes, i am playing UtB_v0.2.2-hotfix1.apk and no, i did not played this game before the current apk


I really like this vn so far. Can't wait for more Oliver content

Have a problem with the Android version it's delayed like whenever i tap the buttons it doesn't go there instantly it's delayed and sometime it kicks me out of the game, I don't know if it's the game or my device.

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Can you post more details about your device? Android version, model, and so on?

When it kicks you out of the game, does the application close, or is it just returning you to a home screen? Does it kick you out around the same time each time?

Android 11, vivo 1906 is that enough?

It closes the application whenever i save.

Hey, I just pushed out a hotfix that might solve your issue. There was a memory leak when opening the save select screen, which was already intensive enough due to the thumbnails. Try getting the new APK I just uploaded.

If you're still seeing issues, try deleting your previous saves (either through in-game or through file management) and trying again.

If that doesn't work, could you reach out to me on Twitter @JosephOPossum or email josephopossum@gmail.com so we can get to the bottom of this? Thanks for your help and patience!

Nice it actually works now, thank you for the hotfix! I can enjoy your game now without problems! ^^

Glad I could help, and I hope you enjoy the game!!

I couldn't find 2 how to make 3 endings in the game


Oops, there were 3 endings to the party sequence, but they converge back on day 2. I should update the itch page, thanks for pointing that out!!

Please don't take this the wrong way but, this VN is still alive right?


Yup! The last update was a week ago, and I’m working on getting the next one out!

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The premise, story and plot look interesting, however the artwork of the characters looks kinda childish; or in another words like they're teens instead of full-grown adults... I meant no offense.


Good art direction, decent writing, nice music and competent programming.

Will be keeping an eye on this one.
Good work, Good Demo.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!!

Sure did :), any more updates planned before the end of 2021? 

it’s just me working on this, so I can’t really give a clear estimate. 

That said, all of the game infrastructure is in place now, I just have art and writing and animations to do. So development should go much quicker now! So short answer: likely yes. 

That's understandable, no pressure.

I usually don't see demos get updated at all, so this is a pleasant surprise.

Off topic, but may I ask what car you took inspiration from in the first few shots?
Since in the first shot from the rear, it looks like a 1967 Dodge Challenger, but in the side profile, it's more akin to a 1957 Dodge Coronet.
Cheers! :)

1965 Pontiac Bonneville! Full disclosure, I know very little about cars haha.

And I should clarify, the demo won't be receiving any more updates beyond bug-fixing. Future early builds will be made available through Patreon, though I haven't thought about how to distribute the game once it's finished. I'll have to cross that bridge when I get there.