A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Under the Bridge is a furry dating sim. Welcome to Bridge City, the shipping town where you were born and raised. You're only here for a summer, so you'll need to make the most of it.

You'll run into friends that you've grown up with. You'll see how they've changed, or how they haven't. Hear their stories, have an adventure, and maybe even fall in love!

NOTE: Under the Bridge is a safe-for-work game that does not contain explicit material. However, it DOES feature adults in adult situations, using adult language. If it were a movie, it'd be rated PG-13. If it had an ESRB rating, it'd be rated T for teens. If it were an iOS game, it'd be banned from the Apple store. Use your discretion.

Pssst. Are you here from the iOS build of the game? Click here to learn the status of the iOS release of Under the Bridge.

  • Overworld / Minigames - Not your average Visual Novel! Explore and interact with the world. Meet strangers, play beer pong, and get in arguments with the citizens of Bridge City!
  • Customizable Protagonist - Choose your look, pronouns, and name. Preferred pronouns and look do not limit choices or romance options - express yourself!
  • Branching Narrative - Game currently includes the entire first, second, and third day. More will come as the game gets developed!
  • Original Music and Art  - All backgrounds, character art, and music has been made exclusively for Under the Bridge. Enjoy some fresh animated backgrounds accompanied by midwest emo, punk, and lofi musical stylings. You can also just listen to the tracks here, on Bandcamp.

  • Creator - Joseph O.  Possum (Twitter)
  • Overworld Artist - Boroco (Twitter)
  • Music - Ash Bricky (Twitter)
  • Music (Party Sequence) - Micx
  • Music - Zav
  • Additional SFX - Marnus Strydom (contact)

Discord Patreon Twitter 

Updated 8 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(185 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withUnity
TagsCute, Dating Sim, Furry, Gay, Lesbian, LGBT, Otome, Romance, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Smartphone
LinksTwitter, Patreon


UtB_v14.1_Win.zip 245 MB
UtB_v14.1_Android.apk 267 MB
UtB_v14.1_Linux.zip 245 MB
UtB_v13.1_Mac.zip 214 MB

Install instructions

  1. Download .zip
  2. Extract contents of .zip anywhere
  3. Run executable inside of the extracted folder

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I live under a bridge


i really want to see this game on steam.
i would even Review it personally on my profile and on my curator


Amazing VN! Can’t wait for Hanks route.


I'll tell you the truth, I've never played a game that made me laugh so much and made me have so much emotion at the same time, simply wonderful!! 

 and now, die of anxiety until more builds come out kkkkkkk


I played through the Clyde and Bonnie stories and I love the game so far! I'd love to keep exploring with Bonnie ^^

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I suggest you to play Rebecca's route, and you probably love this game more! (i love Bonnie's stories too, she's one of my favourite character in this game)

Note: I already played the Rebecca's route, and it went crazy with unexpected things happened in the end of the day 4 content...


Ngl I kinda didn't really like Reb after playing the Clyde route but I'll give her a shot lol


Dev, when will the character poll pt2 ends?


This morning! Cherry won the poll and will be the focus of build 15!

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Alright... tbh, I didn't expect Cherry to win this poll


I do wonder if there’s demographic bias here, like someone who pays for the Patreon is more likely to relate to a character like Cherry…

Bruh, I was expecting Bonnie to win this poll. Guess, I have to wait for my next turn... (I'm on Bonnie's team)

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Dev, who's the next character that you will working on, based on the patrons' poll result. Just curious to see the result :p


It's a tie! Runoff voting has commenced: https://josephopossum.itch.io/under-the-bridge/devlog/732207/utb-build-15-charac...

Alright, thanks for the info!


How many chapters do you plan for each character to have?

It's difficult to say, but I don't intend for any route to be longer than 7 days.

dev, who's the next character?


The next build is for the town and will focus on adding more details to the overworld. You can read more here:  https://josephopossum.itch.io/under-the-bridge/devlog/717711/utb-build-14-progress

After this, patrons will get to vote on which route gets done next!


NGL man, this game got my feeling like a roller coaster. The story in this game is so unique and being 'perfectly' written. It has so much potential to be developed, and fortunately it is developed by the right person. Definitely play this game if I were you! Salute to the dev! 

PS: I 'finished' Rebecca route, and unfortunately it ended in a cliffhanger. Cannot wait for the full story. Definitely worth it to play this game!. 

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Hey dev, i got a bug. So, i'm in the Rebecca Route. And when i got the swedish spa scene. Me and Rebecca are in the spa bed. When the Massause came, and the dialogue says "You feel the urge to cover yourself with your hands, but the towel is already doing a decent job of that for you". I literally cannot do anything, i can't continue the next dialogue, i pressed everything on my keyboard, mouse, spacebar, etc. but i cannot continue the scene. i even used the skip button with the "treat all text as skippable" active and it doesn't even work. please dev, fix this bug. btw i'm using windows device

Is this the end for Rebecca route (not finished yet) or something?
I even reset the game and loaded the save, and it didn't even work.

I’ll look into this! In the meanwhile, could you reach out to me on Twitter or discord? I think if I had your save file, I could better see what is causing this issue. 


thanks dev, now it works perfectly fine

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btw, through discord or twitter dm or in a server in discord? 

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The game is pretty good and the story is kinda unique and the characters designs are very cool, but a glitch happened to me. I messed up the story so i started it all over again and of course i used the skip button, but at some point in the story the screen froze and i had to spend another 10 minutes to start the story all over again..it didn't annoy me much but it may annoy other people tho..thanks for your effort anyway! (I played the game on an android device btw) 

I'm sorry to hear that! You'll be pleased to know that the next build of UtB will feature a "Chapter Select" feature that will hopefully help make recovering progress easier. 

I hope this will help.  If you can provide more details into what you were doing at the time of the freeze (and where in the game you were), I might be able to catch the bug and get rid of it for the next release of the game

Damn. Now we gotta wait another year or two before we finally get another Rebecca update

whos being worked on next?

The next build will be focused on touching up the overworld, and adding more characters and interactive details to the game.

After that, Patrons will get to vote on which route is done next!

sounds good!

I was not expecting that from rebecca.

What's the next character?



This VN can easily be described as "fun", and has a fun vibe to it. and considering my general appeal to fun things it's easy to say that I really enjoyed this game, the characters and it's story. It is for the most part pretty comedic and chill which allows you to enjoy the urban scenery. About the most recent update (build12) I do feel bad for all the people that had this as a comfort game before this update, like **ME**. I know I wasn't exactly promised "happy fluffy fun times" the whole way through and the ending made me uber depressed but, I am still curious as to where the plot heads next. I *am* broken up about it but not super upset about how the story turned the way it did. After all a story is supposed to keep me invested in what's happening and well, this certainly does it.

do you plan on adding any other MC appearances? I tend to use the female appearance when I have played but I wish there was an effeminate male appearance for the player

Sorry, but there are no plans to add additional appearance options for the MC.

hello i have a qustion. how many romances does that game have and who?

I'm pretty sure the game has 3 or 4 but I'm not sure. 


The game has 6 romantic routes planned, featuring Hank, Oliver, Cherry, Rebecca, Clyde and Bonnie. As of now, they are all caught up to their third day's content, with Clyde being ahead and on his fourth day of content.


Does anyone else have a screen that's just pink?

All I did was delete an old save and make a new one. (I'm on the Windows version btw)

Huh, interesting.  I’ll do some testing on my side, but I won’t be able to throw out a fix until after Christmas.

Did you see this in the load screen from the main menu, or from a load screen while in the game?

I only see the screen go pink when I create my character, maybe I deleted a file I wasn't supposed to, but I'm not sure. (Also sorry for responding late)


I liked it, but the writer is horrible at writing banter. People talking about nothing came out really absent-minded and boring, like the author wrote down the first things that came to their mind, so now the VN needs trimming as much as it needs new writing.



(2 edits) (+7)(-1)

Well now I feel like an ass!

Come on, it's not that bad - the overarching plot is great! Visiting your hometown after leaving is a very good basis for a story. It's a topic people have opinions on, so they get engaged with the plot. That is good!

But! You do need to work on your banter game. It's pretty hard, it takes some skill, and it takes time. 

To your credit though, you already nailed something that gives a headache to most beginning writers. And that's making characters sound distinct. They all need to have a character and a manner to their speech, and that's exactly what you gave them! Well done!

Now! You just need to understand that people in books, movies, and VNs don't  just  talk  the  way  you  and  I  do. Why? Because we don't have an audience. And your characters - yes, they do. They have hundreds, potentially thousands of people watching them, waiting to be entertained. So entertain them.

Think back to movies that had great banter, think back to books that had episodes about nothing that still kept you captivated. What were they doing that kept you interested?

They never wasted a line. 

Everything was piling up on what came before, building up to give you a resolution. They set something up in the beginning and then circled around to it in a smart roundabout way. Every great banter scene was a slow-burning joke that made you think.

I don't mean that you have to turn everything into a comedy routine, but you need to understand how to follow those same beats to keep the audience interested.

You decide on the goal of a dialogue, you set up an entry point, but don't make it too on the nose. Then develop it, have characters discuss it, rub their characters against it. And then, in a smooth motion, do the punchline. It doesn't actually have to be a punchline, just a satisfying resolution.

You actually had a good dialogue like that - Rebecca talking about why she does everything she does. You just needed to cut it shorter. When she says "I couldn't do any of those damn speeches without Oliver. I don't know what I'd be without him. But without me - he'd be dead."

That right there is a perfect moment to cut. It's a heavy line, a good punch line, it makes you think, it has weight, and it closes up the topic naturally. Why is Rebecca doing it? Because her friends would be gone without her. Now make the characters shut the hell up and wrap up the scene. You don't need Rebecca explaining herself any more, you don't need the protagonist interjecting. The topic is already closed, do a wrap-up, trim that scene.

p.s. Please don't feel like I'm telling you off or putting your writing down - I wouldn't even bother leaving a comment if I didn't think you can fix and improve what you have here. I do wish you the best of luck with it, you're definitely onto something great here, it just needs a bit more work.

p.p.s. NEVER roll over like this to criticism, even a fair one. If you keep working on your VN - you're going to meet a lot of self-important nobodies actually trying to put you down. I mean, hell, you have an autistic approachable girl in your VN, someone is absolutely going to have an issue with that. Do not roll over when they come. 

You're trying to tell a story, you're doing your best to make it good. If someone has an advice - good, if someone has a problem - there's the door. Again, good luck with your project.


This is all really good advice for young authors. Writing effortless-sounding dialog is really hard.

And one of the biggest challenges is learning to evaluate criticism and knowing when it applies to what you're trying to do and is helpful, or when it isn't and should be politely ignored.


I headcanon Rebecca as autistic

I've noticed that at a somewhat later point in the route with Rebecca it sort of just hangs on the background inside the trailer shortly after you wake up and the UI is totally unresponsive. Thought I'd say something because I'm loving this VN so far!

Sorry about that, I'll take a look into this! What device are you playing on? 

(1 edit)

Android! I'm surprised I didn't mention that in my initial comment to be honest, my bad

I'm not able to replicate the issue. Could you DM me via Twitter or Discord? I would like to take a look at your save file and see if there's something there that's causing this behavior.

(1 edit)

How new is the game? I want to guess how many energy I put into it at the moment, to many games right now.

I mean how complete with that.


All the routes are up to their third day of content, and there is a planned 6-7 days of content per route. So each route is about halfway done. I hope that gives you a good idea of what to expect!!

Just found this game it's very nice and lovely I love it


ayyy an update. glad you're still around. 

-that one person who was in the discord and brought up having family in bridge city


is this game complete on the app store? or did i experience a glitch? i got up to the part where you could choose to “thank” or “ask out” Reb. I chose to thank her and I was immediately sent to a “thanks for playing!”. 

another thing, one of my save files disappeared and i had to redo the “welcome back party” sequence all over again. especially the beer pong, during Hank’s turn both our balls were being thrown at the same time.

Yeah, I get the same problem. Only solution is to play pc :(

Did anyone figure out if it's complete now? Maybe you reached the end already?

Sorry, but the iOS build is no longer being supported. You can read more here: https://josephopossum.itch.io/under-the-bridge/devlog/354867/ios-build-status

I can't address any issues or bugs you find on the iOS build. But the Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux builds are all up to date and receiving bug fixes!!

Oh, what the hell. I'm just seeing this, that's so annoying. Gotta love how tech companies enforce their squeaky-clean mandates on artists.


awesome and great too 🦊💕

How do i get the clyde route?


Hey :p I ran into another crazy glitch. After having finished Clyde's route, I started a new game from the beginning, but now each time I leave the MC's "bedroom" on day 2, the end scene for Clyde's route plays

(2 edits) (+1)

Interesting! Looking into this. If you want, we can discuss more about replicating this issue over Twitter or Discord.

Update: Found the issue. I'll deploy a fix soon, but in the meanwhile, you can work around this issue by closing the game completely, and starting back up and trying again.

Data isn't being cleared completely when ending a route via the game over screen, but it should all be reset whenever you close the game out.


Im so confused how do I start rebecca/hank route?


Right at the beginning of day 2wo when Oliver asks if xou'll be joining them


Gotta say, this is my probably my favourite furry vn rn
Has been for awhile and i love every update and new day that you guys put in
Keep up the good work :3

Hey~! ^^_ I'm having a bit of a problem. The game freezes when that group of guys approaches Bonnie, Cherry, and I in the mall :/ their sprites appear in the middle of the screen, and I can still access all the menus, but the dialogue won't advance... I tried starting a new game since I haven't played for a while, but it didn't change anything :(


Thanks for reporting this bug! I'm in the middle of fixing it and updating the versions on the itch page. I should have it all up and fixed within the hour!


It's fixed now! Version 11.2 available on the itch page has been updated to address this issue. Thanks for your patience and for reporting this bug.


Thank xou sooo much! n_n/ and kudos on making the VN run so smoothly, I can actually play the beer pong game now :P


hank clyde and oliver my beloveds <33


Just finished oliver route, and I am dying for the day 4

(1 edit) (+1)

!!! i just downloaded and played this on ios and was so sad i finished what was released--BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE?! DELIGHT! 


Haha, but I like Coldstone! It was fun to see Cherry absolutely go crazy though. I'm really enjoying how empathetic and thoughtful she is. Thanks for the update!


I absolutely LOVE the clyde route and i CANNOT WAIT for more, clyde is my new fav character in all of any game ive played so far im just so PUMPED


When will more rebecca content be added? (loved her so far)


Me too :3


Glad you’re enjoying the game so far! The next content is for Cherry, then Hank. After that, patrons will vote on which route gets done next! If Rebecca wins the polls, then she’ll be the first to get Day 4 content!

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